Strengthening of the corporate Merger & Acquisition Department. In addition to Origination for companies of all sizes, our firm provides Execution (due diligence) for valorisations lower than 10 million Euros.

2013 Partenaire Europe relocates its German-speaking countries Department to Munich in order to spread not only to Germany but also to Switzerland and Austria. 
2012 Setting up of new networks in ex-Yugoslavian and ex-USSR countries.

Foundation of Partenaire Europe :

  • Integration of a Central and Eastern European network in this new organisation,
  • Creation of the German-speaking countries Department: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland,
  • Development of our network in Turkey.

Mr Edery appointed CEO.
New strategic orientation: besides its ordering customers, Partenaire Pologne offers its services directly to companies from now on.
Development of a partner network in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

1999 Foundation of Partenaire Pologne by Mrs Gawor, a former consultant. Exclusive subcontracting for major consulting firms and French banks.