A word from the CEO

Thanks to not only the relevance and the reliability of our work but also to the unique methodology we have been internally developing and applied to more than 700 companies since our foundation, Partenaire Pologne strives to be the benchmark in the field of consulting and operational firm assistance in Poland but also all over Central and Eastern Europe through its group.

Our difference? We use a global approach ranging from strategic thought to operational implementation.

Our main asset? We carefully select the projects for which we are in position to step in and provide any edge.

Our added value? It can be found in the quality and the diversity of our team : engineering graduates from Arts et Métiers specialized in civil engineering, business school graduates, legal experts, Sciences Po graduates, logistical coordinators, former Merger & Acquisition advisors, former sales representatives, former purchasers in industry such as the construction industry, senior managers and former industrialists able to speak fluently several languages.

Last, by having entered the Polish market in 1999, we are now fully aware of the reality of the Polish economic tissue, the local operators as well as the specific features of the market. Therefore, we offer our clients a safe development while saving valuable operating time.

Patrick Edery

Chief Executive Officer